L’Entente Sportive de Thyez at the fifth Canavese Cup

We have the pleasure to announce the much appreciated participation in both the Junior categories of the  Entente Sportive de Thyez, French club created in 1959 with about 300 members in around 20 teams, from U7 to the veterans. The teams play in the different championships of Alta Savoia district and of the Pays de Gex from D5 to D1. The maximum level achieved by the team of banners remains in the R3 of some seasons ago. The club plays in the stadium of Theyz (74,300 capacity) that includes both an 8 and 11 player synthetic grasspitch. The trainers of juvenile categories are mostly ex-players, players’ parents and also veterans. The club goals are football on a competitive yet family-friendly level for all the categories and to always let  children have fun and play with a smile. Welcome!

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