FC Aschheim, first German Club at the Canavese Cup

With great pleasure, we announce the participation of FC Aschheim, (Munich) first German team to participate in the Canavese Cup. Founded in 1956, the first team currently plays in the 6th Division of Bavaria. The club attaches great importance to youth work and the youth sector has around 250 active young players and is one of the largest in the district. In addition, FC Aschheim also works very successfully in women’s football. The club has around 1000 members. FC Aschheim plays in the sports centre Sportpark, with a stadium that can accommodate about 2000 spectators and another 7 natural grass pitches and 1 artificial turf pitch. We would like to thank Mr. De Spirito, Head of the Youth Sector, who decided to participate in the Canavese Cup 2021 with his U11 team (2010). We can’t wait to see the Bavarian team take to the pitch and play, welcome!

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