Montpellier Méditerranée will participate with 2009’s team

We are pleased to announce that Montpellier Méditerranée Futsal will participate in our tournament. A French futsal club founded in 1998, formerly known as Montpellier Petit Bard Futsal, the club changes its name in the 2015-2016 season to bring the colors of the city of Montpellier and its region on the national scene. In 2015-2016, Montpellier Méditerranée Futsal is the champion of the French division 2 and for the second time in its history reaches division 1. Montpellier Méditerranée Futsal created in 2013 its academy of excellence that seeks to train the best young people of the region. We will have the honor to see in Canavese their 2009’s junior team. Thank you and enjoy the tournament!

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