We are pleased to welcome FC Blo-Weiss Itzeg, a Luxembourgian company founded in 1941, whose name was immediately changed to FK Blau-Weiss Itzig. In 1944 the name changed again to FC Blo-Weiss Itzeg.
The company has 825 members, 692 of which are licensed (272 senior/veterans, 55 footballers, 365 in youth), 9 referees of the FLF (Luxembourg Federation) have a license in the Itzig company. The colours of the club are blue and white.
The stadium is called Stade Albert Kongs, which has a capacity of 1,200 seats. The first team plays in the first division (the 3rd Luxembourg series) while the women’s team plays in the first division (equivalent series A), the president of the club is Mr. Ivica Repusic.
FC Blo-Weiss Itzeg will participate in the Canavese Cup 2021 with the 2010 team, we wish the little white/blue players and their coaches Mr. Palazzo and Mr. Panel to play a great tournament, full of satisfactions and a lot of fun!