We are very pleased to announce the first participation of a Belgian Club in the Canavese Cup 2021. The Racing Club de Waterloo, will arrive in Canavese with the U11 Pulcini Team 2010. Founded in 1926, it joined the Belgian Football Federation with serial number 677 and since then the club has started to make a name for itself in the regional championships. The RRC reaches the Provincial Championship 1 of the Belgian Region Brabant Wallon. For the first time in 2007 and the 2013 season it reaches a national level championship in which it remains for four seasons. The Club in this season plays in P2 but is determined to move up to provincial P1 as soon as possible. The youth sector of excellent level is composed of 17 teams playing in the Provincial and Regional series. We would like to thank Mr. Vander Elst and welcome the young athletes of the Racing Club de Waterloo. Thank you!